Pastries and other bakery products from Kemijärvi

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Snap up pastries to enjoy with your coffee, cakes for celebrations, breads and other savoury treats and frozen products to store away.

Cakes & other sweet treats

Order cakes, pastries, doughnuts, biscuits, wheat buns, Danish pastries and other sweet treats from us. All our pastries are made only from the finest available ingredients and by using the experience and deep expertise we have gained over the years.

Layer cakes

We make layer cakes for everyday and festive occasions. Anniversaries, christenings, corporate events – we offer delicious layer cakes to crown your celebration.


We bake various kinds of bread. We are sure you will find the bread to suit your taste in our bakery, whether you like dark or white bread. You can also find our breads in local shops in our area.

Pop into our shop for your treats – or have them delivered

Kiuaspulla, located in Kemijärvi, makes pastries, cakes and breads of the highest quality and only from the finest ingredients. Pop into our bakery or have your products delivered. Contact us for more details!

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